The Snow Gate is now CLOSED

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Road Conditions


The snowgate is now CLOSED. Please only use snowmobiles, ATVs or UTVs to access. Please do not move snow from your driveways to the roadways as this makes it dangerous for users along with making it more difficult to compact and level the snow on the roadways. 

Parking Area


During the winter season, please do not park your vehicle or equipment long-term in the primary lot. It is important that you move your vehicle to cleared areas during storms so that the rest of the lot can be cleared and maintained. 

Water System


**2/12/2020 WATER UPDATE**

We dug up and fixed the faulty valve on Orange Rock on Tuesday  and hopefully this will fix the problem. The water is still off  on Orange Rock from the far west end and east to about lots 73 and 46. The rest of the mountain is on. Once we are sure the leak is cured we will be checking the level and outflow of the water tank to make sure it's recovering. Stay tuned.

Feel free to PM me or email the board at if you have any questions or concerns. We'll try to reply as soon as we can.

2020 Aspen Acres Owners Meeting


  ANNUAL MEETING: To be held Wednesday, March 18, 2020, at 7:00 p.m. (doors open at 6:00 p.m.) at the Salt Lake County Council Chambers in the north building,  2001 S. State St., Salt Lake City, to provide members with an accounting of the prior year’s activities, to allow members to make recommendations and to elect members to the Board of Directors.  It’s important for you to attend and share your ideas, vote, and discuss summer projects. 

Aspen Acres Facebook Page


Aspen Acres has a private Facebook page that is limited only to property owners and their immediate family. It's a great way to meet your neighbors and share information about the mountain. To get on it search for "Friends of Aspen Acres" on Facebook and fill out the required information, including name and lot number. Once confirmed you will be approved to join the site.

Workday and Annual Picnic


2020 Cleanup Date: TBA soon.

Aspen Acres Email Address


We now have an Aspen Acres Association email address ( Please use this address to contact the board with any questions or concerns.

Membership Dues


Dues for 2020 will be $450 per lot and are payable now. Please send checks, payable to Aspen Acres Association, care of Bev White, Secretary, 2109 W. Jordan Villa Dr., West Jordan, UT 84088 (new address). If you would like to pay in installments, please begin NOW so that they are paid in full by July 1st, when they become delinquent, which will result in key cards being deactivated with a fee of $5 per card to reactivate them; late fees of $25 per month will also accrue. 

Contacts and Board of Directors


I am working to consolidate and clean up our email group. If you have received this email in error, prefer to receive these emails at a different address, and/or no longer wish to receive these emails please reply to this email with your preference. 

See you on the mountain!

Julie Cornwall - President
Aspen Acres Association

New Board of Directors 

Please contact them at 

Julie Cornwall - President

Mike Zeltinger - Vice President 

Neal Knights, 

Dave Clayton, 

Glen Wendel,

Kelly Cunningham,

                            Pete Kearns                                    

Appointed by the Board
Bev White - Secretary 

Luann Lacey - Treasurer         

Annamarie Kearns - Website and Facebook Manager

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